4 November 2012: Meine Name ist Hase

04 Nov: Meine Name ist Hase from kate hers on Vimeo.

Location: Peterborough, NH

Word or Expression: Meine Name ist Hase

Closest English Translation: I am not involved, I had nothing to do with it, I am innocent

Literal Translation: My name is hare

From german.about.com

Use it when: You want to state that you are not guilty of something or you have no information to give about a certain situation.

History: This expression has nothing to do with hares, bunnies or any other animal. It has to do with a certain man named Victor von Hase. Hase was a law student in Heidelberg in the 19th century. He got into trouble with the law when he helped his friend flee to France after he shot another student in a duel. When Hase was asked in court what his involvement was, he declared: “Mein Name ist Hase; ich verneine die Generalfragen; ich weiß von nichts.” From that phrase came the expression that is still in use today.

Many thanks: Kia Corthron, Adrienne Elisha, Scott Stark, and Carman Moore.


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